Good Morning, Taun!

Taun, June 5th 2011

Done with sunrise, I took a short morning walk exploring the vicinity around Dolphin Eco Lodge.

 The road in front of Dolphin Eco Lodge.

Hotels and restaurants stand far apart. When a vehicle do pass by, it will generally run in a rather high speed. So it's be careful when you take a walk here. Don't let the scenery spell you! Hahaha.

This is what our lodge looked from inside. You remember my previous sunrise shots? It was taken right from in front of this spot. So convenient!

I walked on to the right side of Dolphin Eco Lodge. It was really a beautiful morning.

In case you are wondering again what our room had looked like, this is it. It's a picture I took the evening we arrived.

Looks comfy? Hahaha, not quite so. It's 544,500 IDR per room/night including breakfast which needed effort to get. For one who doesn't value sunrise view highly, this lodge would be an overprice. As for me, instead of staying at other hotel, and then having to walk alone in the dark to this spot in order to get ready for the very first light of the day, I'd rather pay Dolphin Eco Lodge. After all, for everything there's a price, right?